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Puffer Reds participated in WCC's Washtenaw HBCU Day on the Building Black Wealth Panel.

Washtenaw Community College HBCU Day with Puffer Reds

The overall goal of the panel was to motivate the students to plan critically about life after school and to expose them to high successful business owners like Eric and Tandra Williams, and the other esteemed speakers. WCC wanted to let the students know that they didn't have to look to T.V. or social media all the time for inspiration, when they have entrepreneur examples right here in the community!

The lineup of speakers:

  • Janan McDougal - Owner of Printheadz
  • Derric Scott - Real Estate Developer, J29:7
  • Eric & Tandra Williams - Owners of Puffer Reds
  • Marcel Pearl - Commercial Real Estate Broker, ENCORE
  • Wardell Littles - Financial Advisor, Prudential
  • DJ BJ 3525 - Owner of Pizza Cat & Music Exec

Washtenaw Community College HBCU Day with Puffer Reds

Puffer Reds provided valuable insights on entrepreneurship and the challenges encountered in everyday business, reflecting on the many years of experience in the retail business and our ability to stay ahead of trends.

Washtenaw Community College HBCU Day with Puffer Reds

The panel attracted over 400 students from neighboring high schools, and despite the inclement weather, the turnout was impressive. At our table, we presented the history of Puffer Reds to motivate aspiring entrepreneurs and included an interactive spin wheel to engage the students.

Washtenaw Community College HBCU Day with Puffer Reds

All in all, it was a great event that was sure to spark inspiration in young minds. Thank you Washtenaw Community College for inviting Puffer Reds to take part of this important event. Puffer Reds has been around for 45+ years and we are always ready to share our knowledge to those up and coming in the space.

-Puffer Reds

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