About Us

Established by Eric Williams in December 1979, Puffer Reds has become a well-known entertainment destination for celebrities, musicians and athletes alike. When Puffer Reds first opened its doors, the store was a place to find the latest hip-hop, R&B and jazz music albums. Eric’s vision, with the help of his co-owner wife, Tandra Williams, in understanding the impact the music industry had on influencing the fashion industry helped expand the business to new avenues. The demand for brands reflecting the culture and lifestyles of both music and fashion helped Puffer Reds grow from a small record shop into one of the finest shopping destinations for the conscious consumer.

Puffer Reds carries the latest apparel, footwear, and accessories in lifestyle fashion. Puffer Reds dedicates itself to hard-to-find brands and exclusive releases ranging from Nike quickstrikes, Adidas Originals exclusives, Jordan Retro shoes as well as countless other brand exclusive releases.

The company has committed itself to a culture of demanding great customer service and staying true to the customers in its market. Operating as a family-owned small business for nearly 40 years, we’ve stayed true to our roots and dedicated to the community that supports independent stores like ours. By continuing to have an ear to the streets and pledging a commitment to the community, Puffer Reds will maintain its premium level status as many Southeast Michigan area stores have come and gone over the years.