Puffer Reds was honored to host Michigan Lieutenant Governor Garlin Gilchrist in April 2022. Gilchrist II, born in Detroit is a South East Michigan native and a graduate of the University of Michigan, earning a bachelor of Science in Engineering. After spending time working in his industry he paved a way into his career in politics through working as a social entrepreneur and community organizer, and was ultimately selected by Governor Whitmer to be her running mate in 2018.

As part of a visit to the city of Ypsilanti, Lt. Gov. Gilchrist selected Puffer Reds as a stop to visit and connect with the community due to becoming familiar with the store while he was a student at the University of Michigan. Puffer Reds invited and hosted a number of local business owners and officials at the visit including various Washtenaw County Commissioners, Washtenaw County Political Party members, Washtenaw County Community College Board members, Ypsilanti City government officials.

We enjoyed the chance to further connect with our local government and get in touch with the community while gaining the opportunity to connect them with the state government.

Puffer Reds
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