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Nike's Air Max day is celebrated annually on March 26th. Bringing attention the history of Air Max and usually unveiling a special colorway dedicated to the day.

Created in 1987 the air max incorporates urethane pouches that are filled with pressurized gas, are are visible from the exterior of the shoe. Ever since, the "Air Max" branding and technology has become synonymous with Nike, and Air Max models have consistently been some of the most popular shoes Nike releases.

Nike Air Max 1 PRM ‘Blueprint’ Release March 26th

This year for Air Max day Nike wanted to highlight the worldwide impact of the Air Max 1 on the designs 35th anniversary. Announcing that the Air Max 1 'Blueprint" would be hitting the shelves this March 26th. The Air Max 1 is a testament to Nike's continued involvement as the shoe highlights communities creating new paths for the future. 

As a long-time Nike retailer, we have had a long history with the storied line of sneakers our selves. To highlight individual models we currently carry, as well as models we've carried over the years, we asked our team about their favorite Air Max models. 

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