Puffer Reds

The Pelle Pelle jacket comes back in the same way it entered in the 1970’s. In a post-modern world where fashion is bold, playful, and irreverent, new generations embrace and are cycling key elements of past decades because they just work. More importantly, consumers want to know to put their dollars into brands that deliver heat and are 100 percent functional. The design for the Pelle Pelle jacket delivers in all those facets.


Originally launched in the 1970’s, Marc Buchanan’s brand Pelle Pelle, Italian for ‘leather leather’, had a direct, in your face approach to his brand. Taking his experience from Detroit leather house, Gandalf Leather after a worker’s strike in the late 70’s, Buchanan embarked on Producing coats for his city. Creating versatile coats that were able to transcend from street style to formal wear for the working class of Detroit; and nothing’s changed. Each coat featured 100% Genuine Plush Leather, decked out with embellished adornments such as patches, rhinestones, and elaborate embroidery. Keep in mind that even with a design team, insiders say that Buchanan had his hands in creating every design. With all of the glitz, its function still served. Pelle Pelle jackets are remembered as THE coat the Midwest man pulls out to combat harsh temperatures in Winter. which is the working of Buchanan’s brilliance. 


The jackets emerged right when hip-hop arose and were featured in both popular sitcoms, Martin! and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, revolutionizing Detroit style to the Masses. Even so, with the brand’s growth and popularity, Buchanan’s loyalty to his roots and supporting his community never withdrew. Which is a commonality that Puffer Reds shares with Buchanan. With that, we want to make sure Marc Buchanan’s legacy continues. Shop the collection.



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