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Michael Jordan rebelled against the league policies at the time and willfully payed a $5000 fine each time he wore his Air Jordan sneakers on the court. The Air Jordan 1 Rebellionaire highlights his rebellious spirit and the ways Jordan constantly sought a way to make his presence known and inspire change.  

A Rebellionaire is a person who breaks barriers to move their city, community, and world to new heights. Inspired by this ideal we sought out to find a local organization that accurately represents what a rebellionaire truly is. A organization that strives to make changes, and make major impacts in our community.


In connection with Destination Ann Arbor we were able to identify CLR academy and its founders as the perfect representatives of our Rebellionaire campaign. CLR Academy launched in June 2021 at Sycamore Meadows in Ypsilanti, MI as a free, weekly pop-up program supporting young kids’ right to dream, believe, explore and create through sport, nutrition, reading and writing. 

The free weekly programming launched in June 2021 and included soccer, basketball, football, yoga and other sports along with a focus on reading, writing and wellness. The programming, created for K-8 youth, uses sport to create engagement to introduce new wellness concepts such as mindfulness and nutrition. All snacks, sports equipment and books are completely free for participants.

We have proudly pledged $5000 from the profits of the Air Jordan 1 Rebellionaire to CLR academy and will look forward to a continued partnership with our very own community Rebellionaires. 


CLR Academy Photography - Ray Rogers aka @Trilogybeats313

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