DON ISSUE #2 'Spidey Sense'

DON ISSUE #2 'Spidey Sense'

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The adidas 'D.O.N ISSUE #2 Spidey-Sense' is the latest basketball shoe from the brand with 3 stripes for Utah Jazz guard Donovan Mitchell. The shoe takes its inspiration from Mitchell's nickname 'Spida' and pays homage to the legendary Marvel hero, Spider-Man. The shoe features the words 'Spidey' and 'Sense' on the right and left tongues, respectively. The bottom sole of the shoe features classic comic book action-bubbles such as 'POW' and 'BOOM'. The inside of the shoe features a shot of Spider-Man himself along with the Marvel branding on the tongue.

Despite the hype on the shoe, Donovan Mitchell, unfortunately, ended his 2019-2020 season with a playoff loss to the Denver Nuggets on September 1st. Though he lost, Donovan Mitchell took time during his post-game interview to highlight the grief families are facing daily because due to the loss of loved ones by police brutality.

Check out the interview below


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